18x24" Walnut Finish Recording Plaque with Cast Components
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18x24" Walnut Finish Recording Plaque with Cast Components
$ 540.00


Crafted to perfection, this plaque features exquisite cast components finished in antique bronze for a touch of timeless elegance. With customizable top ribbons available in various designs, you can tailor the plaque to suit any occasion or recipient. Additional cast components are also available for further personalization, allowing you to create a truly unique tribute.

Our 7.25" Sand Cast Single Name Bar are assembled on it with the recipients (not included in this product).

Ideal for:

  • Corporate awards ceremonies
  • Academic achievements
  • Sports achievements
  • Hall of Fame recognition
  • Employee of the Month/Year awards
  • Community service awards

Product Features:

  • Dimensions: 18" x 24"
  • Material: Walnut finish with antique bronze cast components
  • Customizable top ribbons with different designs to choose 
  • Standard assembly template includes 1 top ribbon, 1 crest*, 2 wreathes, and 2 torches.
  • It accommodates up to 24 single name bars (2 rows of 12), ideal for annual recipients or group recognition
  • For additional customization options, please email your request to info@strathcraft.com. Any added components can be included on the invoice at a later time

Top Ribbons Designs:

Our top ribbons come in a 10.75" size with three different layouts available, each with its character capacity (including spaces).

  • Design 1: Single-level, 1-line with 20 characters
  • Design 2: Single-level, 2-line with 20 characters on each line
  • Design 3: Double-level with 20 characters on the first line and 12 on the second line

Elevate your recognition ceremonies with our Walnut Finish Recording Plaque, a symbol of excellence and achievement that will be cherished for years to come.

For more information, please e-mail info@strathcraft.com

Please be advised that we do not provide hardware or installation services for this product.

* If it's the first time we're doing your crest, a customer service representative will be in touch after we receive your order, and set up/art pricing will be added later on.

Crest shown is an example only.  Click for an Enlarged Image

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